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Founder, ALIF- Al Lisaam Islamic Foundation

Mir Nizam Ali Khan (Arabic: میر نظام علی خان; born on 15 April 1990) popularly known as Adv. Nizam A. Khan, he is an Indian Public Speaker on the subject of Islam and Comparative Religion, a born Muslim and a Hyderabadi Indian, great grandson of Nawab Sultan Yawar Jung ul Mulk Bahadur Mir Vazir Ali Khan (Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad, 1905), he is an M.B.A. (Marketing/Human Resource), Osmania University, Hyderabad, M.Sc. Psychology & M.A. Christian Studies from University of Madras and (LLM and Ph.D on Hyderabad City Police).
Adv. Nizam A. Khan is an Advocate/Lawyer and a Public Speaker on Islam, Comparative Religion and Current Issues with 17 years of experience and a Full Time Dayee. Khan started his mission of Peace & Prosperity at the age of 16 years in the year 2006. His main objective is to disseminate Islam to Non – Muslims and Muslims alike in compatibility with the Glorious Qur’an and Authentic Teachings of Prophet Muhammad [SallalLahu Alaihi Wa Sallam] as understood and practiced by Sahaaba Akraam (r). He is the Founder President of ALIF – AL Lisaan Islamic Foundation. In July, 2011 he was interviewed in a program ‘KHAAS MULAAQAAT’ on Munsif T.V. [Satellite Channel, relayed in 108 countries]. In May 2013 & Nov 2014 Khan was invited to Hong Kong & Bangkok by Discover Islam, Bahrain to participate in a program ATMT – Awareness Through Mosque Tours. This program was organized by The Islamic Union of Hong Kong, Discover Islam, Bahrain & Haroon Mosque, Bangkok. After completion of this program in June 2013 he was invited by Islamic OutReach ABIM – IOA to conduct Da’wah Workshop in Masjid e Negara, The National Mosque of Malaysia.


Founder, ALIF- Al Lisaam Islamic Foundation

Academic Qualification
Secondary School Certificate S.S.C. in 2005
Intermediate (Accounting & Taxation) from Board of Intermediate in 2007
Bachelor of Commerce (General) from Osmania University in 2010
M.B.A. (Marketing & Human Resource) from Osmania University in 2012
M.Sc. Psychology from University of Madras
M.A. Christian Studies from University of Madras
LLB – Bachelor of Laws 2018-2020 (Pursuing)
Ph.D In Management 2018-2020 (Pursuing)

Full Time Dayee
Founder, ALIF – AL Lisaan Islamic Foundation
CEO – A R Productions
Fields of Interest
Law Implementation in the Society
Current Issues
Comparative Religion
Social Welfare Development
Educational and
01) Islamic Public Lectures (Da’wah & Islaah) – Every Week
02) Television / Radio Talks
03) 3 or 7 or 21 Days Da’wah Training Program
04) 3 or 7 Days Islamic Kids Camp
05) Mosque Tour Guide
06) Jumuah Sermon
07) Corporate Training
08) Islamic Counseling
09) Islamic Exhibition
10) Multi Lingual Islamic Conference
11) Complete Guide for New Muslims
12) Islamic Teachers’ Training Program
13) Event Management – Islamic or Otherwise
14) Street Dawah – One to One Dawah – Table Da’wah
15) Professional Seminars in Schools, Colleges & Universities
16) Educational Debates, Dialogues, Symposiums and Seminars
17) Scholarship for poor in Islamic & Academic Education
18) Islamic School Management Course
19) Free Food Distribution to poor and needy
20) Free Blanket Distribution for roadside poor.
Future Projects :
a) Islamic School in Hyderabad
b) Multi Lingual Islamic TV Channel
c) Free Hospital for Poor with World class facilities
d) Islamic Call Center
e) Orphanage
f) Old Aged Home
g) Studio.
Notable Public Talks
01. Who Is The God ? – According To The Vedas, Bible & The Qur’an
02. Moses (p) Jesus Christ (p) OR Muhammad (saw)- One Message !
03. Muhammad (saw) The Greatest !
04. Is The Qur’an God’s Word ?
05. Is The Bible God’s Word ?
06. Pillars of Islam Are Pillars of Peace.
07. Jesus Christ In Christianity and Islam.
08. Death of Jesus Christ (s) – Fact or Fiction ?
09. How Can Hindus & Muslims Unite ?
10. Concept of Peace In Islam.
11. Allah Ka Tafseeli Ta’ruf
12. Qur’an Ka Tafseeli Ta’ruf
13. Muhammad Saw Ka Tafseeli Ta’ruf
14. Qayamatki Haulnaak Nishaaniyaan
15. Christian Missionaries Kay Etezaraat kay Jawabaat
International Da’wah Tours
Hong Kong
Bangkok, Thailand
Saudi Arabia
Telivision Channels
Munsif Tv
Mahaa News
Ruby Tv
Urdu Tv
Hitech News
SKM News
Print Media
Munsif Urdu Daily Newspaper
Etemaad Urdu Daily Newspaper
Siasat Urdu Daily Newspaper
Rehnuma -e- Deccan Urdu Daily Newspaper
Da’wah Training Program (D.T.P.)
Hong Kong
Bangkok, Thailand
New Delhi
Jaipur (Rajasthan)
Lucknow (UP)
Saharanpur(Uttar Pradesh) &
Srinagar (Kashmir)
Places Visited
Hong Kong, Malaysia, Bangkok (Thailand), Bangkok, Thailand, Dubai, Tandur (AP), Adilabad (AP), Mahbubnagar (AP), Kurnool (AP), Karimnagar (AP), Tirupati (AP), Jaipur (Rajasthan), Poonch (Jammu), Srinagar (Kashmir), Dehradun (UK), Meerut (UP), Lucknow (UP), Kanpur (UP), Saharanpur (UP), Old & New Delhi, Pakur(Jharkhand), Kozhikode (Kerala), Gulbarga(Karnataka), Bangalore(Karnataka), Solapur(Karnataka) Bijapur (Karnataka), Chitradurga (Karnataka), Sindhanur (Karnataka),
Other Technical Competencies
Video Editing (Premiere 6.0, 6.5, CS2, CS6)
After Effects (CS3, CS6)
Photoshop (7.0, CS2, CS6)
Corel Draw (11.0, 14.0)
Accounting Packages from CAT Technologies in 2007
Computer Applications, (C, C++), Oracle 8i from Panama Academy in 2008
Web Designing, Graphic Designing, HTML & Java from Arena Animations in 2009.

Professional Courses Offered
Core Courses
Public Speaking Techniques
Time Management
Organization Management
Marketing Management
Communication Skills
Organisation Management
HR Management
Stress Management

Marketing Courses
Marketing Management
Advertising Management
Sales Promotion Management
Mass Communication

Organization & HR
Management Courses
Human Resources Management
Human Values in Management

Strategy Courses
Strategies in Promotion & Distribution

IT Management Courses
Fundamentals of Management of Technology
Usage of Modern Technology for Promotion
Management of Modern Technology
Electronic Commerce

Recent Street Dawah

Recent Food Distribution

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